What Readers are Saying

“A very unique book coming at the right time when, with very powerful, very well chosen, and easy to adopt tools for transformation. Dr. Alison Plaut shows a path easily to adopt to be more happy.”

~Dr. Jose Alvarez, Vice Chancellor of Maharishi University of Latin America and the Caribbean


“One of the most wonderful books I have read. It has put me in touch with my full potential, reminding me of what every woman has in our world. It empowers the full potential capacity that we need to feel, using our life fully, in a world that needs fully developed individuals, really making a difference in our time of transformation. A great recommendation for anyone, at any level, wanting to be better.”

~Suzy Camelia-Römer, two-time Prime Minister of Curacao


 “In our great action to protect Mother Earth comes this book with a clear message of promoting our people so they can better protect the planet. An indispensable book for anyone wanting to live a life in accordance with their own nature and play a transformational role in our time.”

~Mrs. Pachauri, Nobel Peace Prize recipient with her husband Dr. Rajendra K. Pauchari and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change