“I am very grateful for the opportunity and I am so happy that I met so many beautiful souls that created such a welcoming space. I learned so many new concepts that I will carry with me forever.” -Sonam, Bhutan, currently in Massachusetts, USA

“I want to thank you again for inviting me to that Be More course. It is just incredibly good…very vivid realizations still come during it. And the atmosphere is also very warm, it feels like a completely different approach than in all the other courses I’ve listened to before. -Ruta, Lithuania

“This “Be More” course is one wholeness with two parts. All you spoke and prepared was 100% valuable. Your inclusive welcome of each person, creation of space for us to freely, safely express, and response to what we said, made the second 200%…

“I treasure my access to see these tapes again. I have taken gems from each class. I feel sure I would take at least as many on repeated viewings.

“I cherish that all our age, experience, and cultural diversity was celebrated and what we found again and again was our unity and love.” Judy, Iowa, USA

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s lesson, it was so uplifting. When I woke up this morning I could sense this lightness and some sort of different energy surrounding me which made me feel calm and relaxed even though I have a full day of things to do. Your leading is so amazing and inspiring. Thank you so much!” -Susan, Maryland, USA