Anything is Possible

One recurring theme in both Be More and in my life is the idea that anything is possible. In fact, I choose it as the second “thread” because being open to all possibilities is, in many ways, the first step to achieving whatever you desire.

Anything is possible resonates so deeply with me because the concept of enlightenment or “something more” is so enormous. If we were to follow our logic or base the idea of possibilities on what others have achieved, we would be left believing the whole spiritual world of possibilities was more of a fantasy than a reality. But it is reality, and my experience tells me it is more real than what we think of as reality. 

Here’s an excerpt from thread two, anything is possible:

“When I say anything is possible, I mean ANYTHING is possible.” 

~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

What an incredible, powerful vision of reality. If anything is possible, then truly there are no limits. 

Rumi describes this in another way: This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.

Who wouldn’t love to fly to a secret sky and step without feet? I certainly would. Who wouldn’t love to make anything possible? While in later parts of this book we’ll talk about how happiness, love, and attention can all transform life, this thread of wisdom is a reminder that what seems impractical could be deeply practical.

Something as seemingly poetic and whimsical as a secret sky and stepping without feet is as real as the love new parents feel when they meet their child. Changing life through love, happiness, and attention is as real as an inexplicable connection in meeting a new person. They are as real as the feeling of pride for a country, devotion to religion, or love of God. What seems impossible is, in fact, possible.

I chose the phrase “Anything is possible” because I truly believe it. I’ve seen it in my life as well as in the lives of others. Miracles are all around us. The impossible becomes possible in both little and big ways daily.

From the miracle of an infertile woman getting pregnant to the miracle of an unexpected recovery from illness, life is full of miracles. Even the sun rising every day, the warm breeze on your skin, and the joy you feel in seeing a loved one are little miracles of living.

The bigger miracle is that humans, with our limitations and shortcomings, can consider, and even experience, that anything is possible. The fact that we can experience the world through our senses and even go beyond our senses is a miracle. The phrase “Anything is possible” means that miracles are possible. “Anything is possible” means that more than our wildest dreams are possible.

When you really desire something, there are ways and means in nature to make it happen. There is no need to plan out the why and how. Nature will have a million ways and paths to bring new possibilities and to help you fulfill the deepest desires you didn’t even know you had.

This thread of wisdom is also for the moments when you want something you don’t deserve or don’t think you could ever achieve. “Anything is possible” is for the person in poverty who wants to be a billionaire. It is possible for the person who feels alone to find love and companionship. The reminder that “Anything is possible” is for the person who is always sad to find eternal happiness.


The Brain Can Create All Possibilities

This reality of all possibilities is seen in the brain in neuroplasticity. Every experience changes the brain. Even with trauma, stress, or PTSD, the brain, with the right tools, can enliven its full potential and become whole.

Dr. Fred Travis summarizes this in his book, The Brain is a River, Not a Rock:

“The understanding that our brain changes with every experience has transformed thinking and research in neuroscience. Twenty years ago, neuroscientists thought brain circuits only changed during critical periods when children were very young. Now, it is known that experience changes the brain from birth to old age. Life can be pictured as the progressive development of brain circuits leading to the progressive transformation of how we see the world.

Our whole life is the expression of changing brain connections that limit what we can experience and understand, and also are changed by each experience. Our current brain connections are the sum of all of our past experiences. The brain connections we wake up with tomorrow reflect the decisions we made today for specific experiences. It’s up to us. We do create our reality; not by belief and affirmation, but by doing. We are in control. We can create whatever reality we want to have in our lives.”

To say “Anything is possible” is not a nice, inspirational slogan. It is a physical reality. With the right tools for transformation, and with focus, we can change our reality, day by day, year by year.


A few more thoughts

With that, idea what did you think was impossible that you now consider possible? What do you want to achieve? Of course, the ability to experience your own pure consciousness will make it easier to open the door of all possibilities. But from where you are now, what do you want to achieve? Knowing that anything is possible, can you see yourself accomplishing it?

To your happiness, and deepest fulfillment,


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